Thursday, September 13, 2007

11AM - Heading out from Terry and Dave's home.
What a great time I had meeting Terry and Dave. I have known Terry electronically for years, and what a treat to finally meet each other face to face.

Terry is the publisher of the very popular, "Camping Journal." Take a peek at Terry's website, OK?

3PM - The Oregon Coast.
MsTioga and The Team have traveled 76 miles in one day! Would you believe? We are now in the Town of Lincoln City, Oregon. The Oregon Coast is a short distance away. MsTioga has made her Afternoon Camp on a small street, next to a hospital.

MsTioga says, "
It has been a grey and drizzly day, and I've had to use my windshield wipers often. I may stay here in Lincoln City awhile, and rest up."
MsTioga resting in Lincoln City, Oregon.

6PM - Devil's Lake.
We spotted a large lake on Mr. DeLorme's GPS map, and went on a walk to explore Devil's Lake. It is a lovely place, surrounded by lake shore homes.

Our walk around Devil's Lake was a long one. We were out there for almost two hours! After a long walk like that, we feel sooooooo good!
Devil's Lake.

Little Mavicito Video Productions
Goodbye Terry and Exploring Devil's Lake


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