Sunday, September 09, 2007

4:30AM - Last day on the Oregon Trail.
Some readers will be sooooo happy to read that today is our last day on the Oregon Trail. It is easy to understand why these readers feel this way. We've been messing around on the Oregon Trail since July, for goodness sakes! We have almost traveled as slowly as the pioneers in their wagons!

MsTioga and The Team have been as far east on the Oregon Trail as Mitchell Pass in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska [July 21st]. Unfortunately at the time of the Scotts Bluff, Nebraska visit, we were not focused on the Oregon Trail, or we would have spent much more time there exploring.

This morning MsTioga will zoom 52 miles to Oregon City, Oregon, "The End of the Oregon Trail." We will visit the Trail's Interpretive Center located there.
Approaching Chimney Rock along the North Platte River in Nebraska
Painting by William Henry Jackson, 1929

8AM - Heading out on Barlow Road again.
Would you believe that for nearly all of our morning journey, we were still on the same path as Old Barlow Road? Man-O-Man!

On the way to Oregon City, we filled up MsTioga's fresh water tank, gas tank, and even went shopping for groceries. Of course we took a lot of side trips, following every history road sign that popped up!

12:30PM End of the Oregon Trail.
We have arrived at the Pioneer Trail Interpretive Center in Oregon City. If you guessed that Little Mavicito is shooting a movie, you guessed right.

Little Mavicito Video Productions
"End of the Oregon Trail"

Below is the same video on YouTube.

Little Mavicito captured the pics below which are exhibits at The End of the Oregon Trail center. We found these exhibits fascinating, and wanted to share them with you.

Ezra Meeker, the fellow with the large beard reading a paper in the pic below, may be considered the father of the Oregon Trail. Mr. Meeker emigrated to Oregon in 1852. Over the years Mr. Meeker became concerned, because the Oregon Trail was becoming forgotten.

In 1906, Mr. Meeker decided to travel the Oregon Trail once again, this time going from west to east. Meeker drove in an ox pulled pioneer style wagon. His goal was to bring attention to the historic pioneer trail, and try to get the remaining trail preserved and protected.

It is likely that without Ezra Meeker's successful efforts, we would not be able to travel the Oregon Trail today! What a guy!
Ezra Meeker dedicating the End of the Oregon Trail in The Dalles, Oregon.

Very interesting diary quote.

Announcement by wagon master Medoram Crawford to prospective emigrants.

Notice of free land made in order to entice emigration to Oregon.


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