Monday, September 17, 2007

6:30AM - Heading east!
This morning we received an email from long time Reader Tommy [Duck] who lives in the State of Georgia. Duck wanted to know if we were heading back to Hill Camp in the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia, Mexico this winter?

Wow! This is something that we have been thinking about soooooo much lately! As you may know, the history of our Founding Fathers and the creating of our wonderful Constitution are among my favorite things.

Would I give up visiting the historic places of the eastern United States because I am afraid? Would I go back to Hill Camp again, because it is safe? Or, am I going to accept the challenges of the adventure of traveling east?

In my
Values & Goals is the answer that I was searching to find!

I have made the decision that sometime in December of this year, I will begin my journey east, staying in the southern states as MsTioga and I cross our Country during the winter months!

George & Tioga, "East bound and down!"

11:30 - Avenue of the Giants.
We headed south out of the City of Eureka, California. Soon we were entering the Avenue of the Giants.

The trees are sooooooo tall here!

6PM - Nite Camped in the Town of Fort Bragg, California.
On the way here, MsTioga and The Team drove thru the wonderful Avenue of the Giants. MsTioga says, "The Avenue of the Giants is the best place in the Redwoods!"

MsTioga did not zoom all of the day. When we were inside the redwood forest and the Avenue of the Giants, she felt that it would be a sacrilege to be zooming. That is why we are quite a bit late arriving at our Nite Camp here in Fort Bragg!

Little Mavicito Video Productions
Avenue of the Giants!

Nite Camp Location Map


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