Saturday, September 01, 2007

6:30AM - Heading west.
We are pulling out of our Nite Camp next to the Umatilla River. Good weather today, compared to yesterday afternoon's thunder storms!
Our Nite Camp on the Umatilla River.

8AM - Little Downtown Echo, Oregon.
We pulled into the downtown of Echo, Oregon, and bought a pumpkin-raisin muffin at the Red Express Cafe.
Downtown Echo, Oregon.

There is a neat historic sign next to the museum.

8:30AM - Oregon pioneers camped here.
After eating the delicious warmed up pumpkin-raisin muffin and filling MsTioga's fresh water tank, we found a tiny park where pioneers camped. The park is at the edge of downtown Echo, next to the Umatilla River. The pioneers crossed the Umatilla River right at that park.
The park.

Historic sign telling of the Umatilla Crossing [Badly weathered].

2PM - Farming is in our blood.
MsTioga believes that George and Little Mavicito must have been farmers in another life. Those two are fascinated with farming stuff!
Wonderful irrigation machine that drives in circles.

Mowed alfalfa raked into rows for drying then baling.

4:30PM - Echo Meadows Oregon Trail traces.
Little Mavicito Video Productions
Echo Meadows on the Oregon Trail

Note about movie: In this movie I stated that Echo Meadows is not on the main Oregon Trail. This statement is incorrect. Echo Meadows is definitely on the main Oregon Trail, and not a "cutoff" trail as I stated in the movie!

6:30PM - Wow!
Sunset on the Oregon Trail.


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