Wednesday, September 05, 2007

6AM - Happy we have a Honda!
Over the past few days, our Honda 1KW generator was used to charge Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank two times. The skies were heavily clouded on those days.

We love our Honda generator. He is very light, and very small too. This Honda generator produces about 25 amps of electricity per hour [25 amp hours]. So, if the batteries are 50 amps low, it takes about two hours to bring the batteries to a complete charge. If there is a little Sun power, charging time is reduced.

8AM - Morning things.
MsTioga had a washing this morning. Driving on the gravel Emigrant Road yesterday blew up a lot of dust. MsTioga is sooooo shiny bright. You would not believe!

For breakfast we made matzoh, eggs and onions. Do you like to eat matzoh? Maybe you never heard of matzoh? Back a long, long time ago, the people of Israel were slaves in the land of Egypt. For 430 years they were slaves. Then came Moses who ended that slavery and led his people to passover out of Egypt.

While the Israelis were rushing to escape, they used yeastless dough because they were pushed out of Egypt and did not have time to wait for the bread to rise. This "unleavened bread" is matzoh!

Matzoh is usually only sold in grocery stores during the Jewish holidays of Passover [April], Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur [September]. So we stock up then.

Matzoh, eggs and onions!

10AM - Heading south out of Arlington, Oregon.
On our morning walk, the extremely observant Little Mavicito spotted an Oregon Trail sign pointing south. So, we are heading south when we leave the Town of Arlington.

Who knows what adventure that we will find today!

Oregon Trail sign points south.

11:30AM - Little Mavicito Video Index.
Readers have written email and also posted in our ChatBox that an index of Little Mavicito's video productions would be a good thing!

There is a permanent link to the Video Index located in the "Behind the Scenes" section of our Home Page.

6PM - Little Mavicito & MsTioga made a movie!
That is right! Little Mavicito and MsTioga made a movie, and George is not in it! Would you believe?!

Little Mavicito Video Productions
A Day With MsTioga on the Oregon Trail

Suggestion: If video stops and starts, click pause. Watch the horizontal dark line at the bottom moving left to right. This is the download indicator. When the indicator gets far enough away from the pointer, click the arrow again to start the movie.


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