Friday, September 28, 2007

6AM - Today's Projects.
Several readers recommended protecting our Honda generator box with rubberized undercoating. After researching in Google, we decided that this was a great idea. So, we are Camped at the Auto Zone store in the City of Concord to buy some of this stuff.

MsTioga's dump valves need replacement. The black water valve only opens half way and is very hard to open or close. Also, the entire valve mechanism is sort of wiggly. It doesn't leak, but it doesn't look good. So, we are going to replace it today. There is a dump station in Martinez, and we will first go there in order to completely clean out the yuk before the valve replacement.

10AM - The valve job.
In the pic below, the old dump valve is removed and the new valve is about to be installed. The valve job went pretty well. However, after the new dump valve was installed, there was a tiny leak from the grey water side!
Replacing MsTioga's dumping valves.

1PM - The visit to the tax guy.
The appointment with the tax guy was at 11AM. After going over everything, and preparing an amended return, it appears as though I will have a federal tax of about $260.

This is a LOT better than the almost $1,900 tax liability that I had before.


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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