Monday, September 03, 2007

For Labor Day!

We the People of the United States, today celebrate Labor Day! I have great faith in our nation's ability to meet the challenges of this day. Our people of labor are a bit down now. Many lead hardscrabble existence compared to only a few years ago. I feel change in the air, and dream of a better tomorrow for all who labor for their living.

6AM - Up early to re-shoot the Well Spring Movie!
Little Mavicito woke up extra early, because he wanted to re-shoot his Well Spring Movie that was published yesterday. And, we finished that re-shooting too.

However, when Ms. GQ and Mr. Datastorm tried to upload this re-shot movie, it crashed! Twice!! Hmmmmm?

We spent all morning on re-shooting, editing and uploading. Anyway, we still have the first movie because luckily we saved the code! Wow! We are sooooo happy about that!

12 Noon - Readers Karlan & Wally come to say, "Hi!"
There was a knock on MsTioga's door! Readers Karlan & Wally Telford who live nearby came to visit with MsTioga & The Team! Wow!

We love it when Readers come to call!
Karlan & Wally.

6PM - Lewis & Clark movies!
We have been following the pioneers on The Oregon Trail. However, Ms. GQ this afternoon found two movies about the Lewis & Clark Expedition of Discovery. Lewis & Clark's expedition led directly to the Oregon Pioneers heading west!

Would you like to see these movies?


Google Map Link

Google Earth Link

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