Tuesday, September 25, 2007

7:30 AM - Shopping for more project stuff.
MsTioga moved from her Nite Camp in an industrial area in the City of Concord and is now Shopping Camped at the Orchard Supply Hardware. More things are needed for our projects.

This morning we will put hinges and a hasp on the new Honda generator compartment. Also, this compartment needs protective paint.

New bed cover and window headers!
We will also be going to Lily's Zarpana Design. Lily operates a sewed goods manufacturing company and does sewing jobs too. MsTioga wants a new bed cover. When Fleetwood designed MsTioga, a special bed size was in that design. So, bedding cannot be bought at a store from off-the-shelf items.

We bought a large quilted and fitted bed cover. Lily will take that large bed cover, cut it down and sew it into a bed cover that fits MsTioga's bed perfectly. We also have some window headers that need replacing. We have material for these window headers and Lily will sew those up also.

10:30AM - Lily's sewing place.
After buying stuff at Orchard Supply Hardware, MsTioga was washed in the hardware store parking lot. Then we drove to Lily's sewing place.

We gave Lily the material to sew up the bed cover and window header. Then we stayed in Lily's parking lot for our breakfast.
George at Lily's sewing place.

4PM - Counter molding installed.
We completed several jobs today. However, MsTioga is most pleased with the molding installed on the counter next to her range top!


4:30PM - Appointment with the tax guy.
We have an appointment with the tax guy to amend our tax return which is set for this Friday morning. As you may imagine, we are very excited to find out what will happen at this appointment!


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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