Saturday, September 29, 2007

7:40AM - Painting and rubberized undercoating.
Our Reader Friend Florida Mike posted in the ShoutBox that primer paint does not provide protection. We on The Team did not know this and had only primer painted Mr. Sunny's solar panel rails. So, this morning we are here at the Orchard Supply Hardware to buy spray paint to finish coat those solar panel rails. Thank you Florida Mike!

Yesterday afternoon, padlock hasps were added to our Honda generator box. This morning the outside of the box will be primer painted in preparation for the rubberized undercoating that was recommended by several readers.

Do you remember that our newly installed grey water dump valve was leaking yesterday? Well, the valve was disassembled and some dirt was found in the mating surfaces. Those surfaces were cleaned and the valve was reassembled. This morning when we checked the valve, it was dry! No leak!

10:30AM - Painting solar panel rails.
MsTioga is Camped in son David's neighborhood. Little Mavicito went up on MsTioga's roof to capture George painting the solar panel rails.

Man-O-Man! That George is really close to the edge!
Spraying the rails.

5PM - Borges Ranch with son Joseph!
Son Joseph drove north from his home in Santa Cruz to live inside MsTioga for the weekend! Joseph used to hike the hills of Mount Diablo when he was a young guy. So, we drove up to make Supper Camp in Borges Ranch, at the foot of Mount Diablo.
Joseph and George about to hike on Mount Diablo!

We went for a hike, and very soon came to the farm animals where people are allowed to say, "Hi!" to the sheep and goats!
George says, "Hi!" to Goats!


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