Sunday, September 30, 2007

7AM - Camping in Concord.
MsTioga, The Team and their guest, son Joseph spent a nice quiet time Nite Camped in an industrial neighborhood in the City of Concord.

When the Sun came up, Little Mavicito went outside and captured a pic of the completed Honda generator box for you to see. The box is now protected with rubberized undercoating!
Honda generator box.

2PM - Pussel E. Cat.
For about 17 years, David's friend Pussel E. Cat has been a member of our family. Pussel is a wonderful guy. Very loving.
Pussel and Dave.

3PM - MsTioga goes to the ice cream store.
Everybody wanted to go to the ice cream store. Especially son David, who had been dreaming about a banana split all day long.

It was decided for everybody to pile in to MsTioga. A whole gang of the neighborhood kids loved the trip in the most famous RV in the history of the World!
MsTioga takes the gang of kids to get ice cream!

5PM - Feedback on the Honda generator box.
Some good feedback was received about the padlocks securing our new Honda generator box. Readers felt that the padlocks might attract the attention of thieves.

So, we decided to remove the padlocks and hasps.

Honda generator box - new look!


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