Monday, September 24, 2007

7AM - Going to a tax professional.
Several readers emailed advising that I go to a tax professional to amend my tax return [see prior posts] instead of doing the amending myself. I've decided to take that advice.

9AM - Newhall Park.
We are Breakfast Camped at the City of Concord's Newhall Park. On the way here, we stopped off to buy hardware for MsTioga's generator compartment cabinet coversion.

10:30AM - Doing our projects.
We are working on three projects today.

#1 is completing the computer workstation top. The edging that was finished yesterday with clear Varathane will be installed.

#2 is installing molding for the kitchen counter. We painted that molding yesterday.

#3 is working on converting the generator compartment to hold our 1KW Honda portable generator. You may remember that our Onan generator which lived in this compartment was sold while we were in Mexico last winter.

4PM - Finished two projects.
The Honda generator compartment and computer desk top are finished. The pic of the generator compartment [below] has the door front door panel removed.
Honda in its new home.

New desk top with front molding installed.


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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