Friday, September 07, 2007

7AM - Maintenance scheduling program.
MsTioga continues to like the maintenance scheduling software that we are using. This software is called, Auto Maintenance Pro. If you would like to take a peek at their web page, click here, OK?.

This morning we checked MsTioga's tire pressure which came up on the schedule.

Note: The TiogaRV Team receives no compensation from Auto Maintenance Pro.

10AM - ShoutBox stuff.
I am now able to reply to posts in ShoutBox [look below in the blog for the ShoutBox]. This is really neat.

1:30PM - Nite Camped in Mount Hood National Forest.
Little Mavicito produced a movie today, about our trip along Barlow Road!

The pioneers had to float themselves and all of their goods down the Columbia River in order to get to the Willamette Valley. This river voyage was very treacherous, both for lives and goods.

After Barlow Toll Road was established around 1846, most pioneers traveled this new southern route. Pioneer Samuel Barlow from Kentucky, engineered this toll road which he opened for business in 1846.

Little Mavicito Video Productions
Along the Barlow Road

Note: A link to "Little Mavicito's Video Index" showing all of our videos is located in our Blog's footer. Take a peek, OK?


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