Friday, September 14, 2007

8:30AM - MsTioga is zooming!
MsTioga is now in zooming mode. And MsTioga's goal is over 100 miles each day, until we reach our home base in Concord, California. We know that 100 miles per day is World class speed. Is MsTioga up to this challenge?

George has been invited to a birthday party! It is son David's birthday. MsTioga claims that she is able to carry George back to Concord by Saturday, September 22nd. Do you believe that MsTioga can do it?

10:30AM - The marvelous Oregon Coast.
We love the Oregon coast. We will be traveling south down the Oregon Coast today. The waves! The Ocean pounding the rocks! And the bridges. Such grand bridges!
Yaquina Bay Bridge.

McCullough Bridge over Coos Bay.

4PM - A World record has been broken!
How does MsTioga do it?! Zooming along, never going over 55 miles per hour, MsTioga rocketed an unbelievable 125 miles in only 7.5 hours! World record time!

In the pic below, MsTioga rests after her ordeal. The GIANT question that everybody is asking, "Will MsTioga be able to maintain her blistering pace?"
MsTioga resting in North Bend, Oregon.

6:30PM - Readers Bob & Linda.
An SUV drove up, with two smiling people inside. Readers Bob & Linda had come to introduce themselves and say, "Hi!" to MsTioga and The Team.

Bob & Linda volunteer at the Umpqua River lighthouse.

Bob & Linda.

Little Mavicito Video Productions
Zooming To Concord


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