Friday, September 21, 2007

8AM - Breakfast with Mr. Dick!
This morning we are having breakfast at Pleasant Hill's Giant Chef with our good friend, Mr. Dick. It so happens that Mr. Dick is very good friends with our Team Mate, Mr. Chips [desktop computer]. Isn't that something?!

Mr. Dick and George used to be workout partners at the World Gym in Walnut Creek, California. Back in those "olden days", we used to heft dumb bell weights of 80 to 110 pounds. That is with one hand! Nowadays, 20 pounds is about it!
Mr. Dick & George at breakfast.

11AM - Orchard Supply Hardware.
We are Shopping Camped at Orchard Supply Hardware. We need some molding in order to fabricate panels to cover the openings in MsTioga's ceiling that were left when the air conditioner was removed in Mexico last spring.

While we are here, a repair to our mini-blinds was made. We replaced some of the plastic rods that adjust the tilt of the blinds. The old rods had a little wire connecting it to the blind, and often this wire fell off.

Our new rod is made from a wood dowel which is pressed on to the turning thing of the blind. Now it is soooooo easy to adjust the tilt of the blind! MsTioga is sooooo happy when we tweak stuff like this!
MsTioga's new wood mini-blind rod.

12 Noon to 4:30PM - Shopping, shopping, shopping!
Here are the places where we went shopping:
Hanging file to be mounted in slide out drawer.

Looking at computers.

New bedding. Did not buy anything.

Butyl Tape for sealing stuff.

New quilted and fitted bed cover and pillow sham.

MsTioga was all filled up by the time we went home!


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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