Saturday, September 22, 2007

8AM - Color me confused.
Somehow I got something about income tax confused. I believed that as a retired person, I would not have to file an income tax return until my annual income exceeded $25,000. A few days ago I found out that this belief of mine was wrong.

This morning I went online and did my income tax stuff. Because in 2007 Google changed the classification of my AdSense income from Box 3 [Other] on my Form 1099 to Box 7 [Nonemployee compensation], I am now required to pay Self Employment Tax. Wow!

What this all boils down to is, that I thought that I was saving about $200 each month. However, with this tax bill, my savings are only about $50/month. Man-O-Man!

This is the first time in my life that taxes have really hurt me!

5PM - Working on our projects.
The computer work station top needs wood molding on the front edge. That molding is being finished with a clear coat of Varithane.

The ceiling panel that will cover the air conditioner opening is gluing up now. After the glue dries, the panel will be painted white.
The computer work station top.

Panel cover for removed air conditioner.

7PM to 10:30PM - David's birthday party.
Family and friends gathered in the El Morocco Restaurant in Pleasant Hill, California, to celebrate my son David's birthday.

The El Morocco has fabulous food with many courses. The tradition is to eat with your hands [no forks]. Everybody like that!

A highlight were the dancing ladies! And of course, the birthday people at the restaurant were invited to dance.
David dancing at the El Morocco!


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