Sunday, September 16, 2007

8AM - Smith River gravel bar.
We are leaving our Smith River Camp. MsTioga will be very careful to back out the same way that we arrived in order to avoid getting stuck in the soft river bottom sand!

Last night around 11:30PM, we put a beef brisket into the oven to roast. The brisket stayed in the oven all nite at only 200°F. The water that halfway covered the meat, was seasoned with regular and garlic salt. This morning the "roast beast" is falling apart tender! Click
to go to our roast beef recipe page, OK?

The roast is sooooooo delicious! It is impossible to keep from going back again and again for samples, dipping into the wonderful gravy.

Roast beast brisket!

George at the Smith River.

2:20PM - Camped in Eureka, California.
Our journey today took us into the forest of the giant Redwoods. We traveled on the Newton Drury Parkway thru the marvelously tall and wide redwood trees. We also drove by gorgeous Pacific coastline!

We stopped a bit early today. After going only 85 miles, we have made our Nite Camp in Eureka, California.
Video below tells about the Redwoods.

Gorgeous view along today's journey.

6:30PM - Readers Maria and Neal.
Up drove Maria and Neal Vanderveldt who live close by in the City of Eureka. They have been reading our blog for a couple of years!

Maria and Neal were born in Holland, and have lived in the United States for a long time.

Readers Neal and Maria.

Little Mavicito Video Productions
Smith River and California Redwoods


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