Thursday, September 20, 2007

8AM - TiogaRV Team maintenance time.
We are at our home base in Concord, California. Starting this morning, we will be working on a ton of maintenance things that we want to complete here.

Mr. Chips' and Ms. GQ's computer station desk top has a wood laminate top. Hard use has worn thru the laminate! Replacing this desk top is high on the priority list.

When we sold our Onan generator in Mexico, that left that compartment empty. Storing our tiny 1KW Honda generator and a small gasoline can in that empty space would be perfect. So, we are working on adapting that compartment.

11:30AM - Breakfast Camped in the Ace Hardware lot.
You may know how very much I love to build stuff. And shopping in a hardware store is just the most wonderful thing! Now I get to do both! Wow!

Before going into the Ace Hardware to shop, it is time for breakfast!
Breakfast Camped at the Ace Hardware.

12:30PM - The new ladder.
MsTioga has a four foot tall stepladder, and it is not too stable. So, we have had our eye open for a replacement. Today, we found and bought a great ladder.
George on the new ladder.

Little Mavicito Productions
Presents a very short movie
The New Ladder

3:30PM - Oak Mountain Cabinets.
The last cabinet shop that I worked for was Oak Mountain Cabinets, and I go visit there every time that I return to my Concord home base. At my visit to Oak Mountain today, I also bought the new computer desk top. And of course visited with Tim, who worked at Oak Mountain at the same time as I did.
George & Tim at Oak Mountain Cabinets.


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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