Thursday, September 06, 2007

9:30AM - The best of this life!
I would like to share something with you. I have found something just recently. Something remarkable.

You may know that living in my RV, the magnificent MsTioga, is wonderful. In addition to that, being a fulltimer as I am, and sharing my life with you, is fabulous. But there is more! And this is the thing that blows me away.

It seems that the more challenges that I have before me, the better my life becomes. The videos are the icing on my cake! I do not understand this thing completely. It seems that the combination of the serenity of my life and the excitement of all that I do is heaven for me!
Tioga George in heaven.

12 Noon - The challenge of loving history.
I have a confession. As much as I love the history of Lewis & Clark, the Oregon Trail pioneers and the west; I am absolutely wild about our founding fathers. The story of our revolutionary new Constitution of 1787 is something that I am forever studying.

I've stayed in the western United States and Baja California, Mexico for the five years that I have been a fulltimer. How am I to stay away from the eastern United States? That is where our history began. Wow!
Signing of the Constitution!
Painting by Thomas Rossiter

4PM - Barlow Road.
Before the opening of the Barlow Road in 1846, emigrants had no choice but to build rafts and float down the treacherous Columbia River. MsTioga and The Team have chosen to also follow the Barlow Road.

We have made a Nite Camp along Hwy 197, about 31 miles north of the Barlow Road. We believe that the pioneers came down this road where we are Nite Camped.
Our Nite Camp along the Barlow route.

During our journey today, Little Mavicito took some pics that he wants to share with you, OK?
MsTioga met a pioneer wagon.

Everybody on The Team had pangs of sorrow reading the diary of Esther Lockhart in the pic below!


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