Tuesday, September 04, 2007

9AM - We have met the Columbia River!
MsTioga is Breakfast Camped above the Columbia River. It is raining! After breakfast, Little Mavicito will share some pics and stories, OK?

11AM - Heading west from Well Spring.
We left our Well Spring Camp around 7AM, and on the way out took these pics from the historical signs. One is a map of the Oregon Trail that we have been following for the past week. We are on the "lower" Oregon Trail. Do you see the trail with Well Spring on it?

The 2nd pic tells about the granite boulders that we had a scene about in our Well Spring video, Part 2. We apologize for bird droppings in this pic! Yuk!

MsTioga traveled along Emigrant Road, and we came to the place where the Boardman Segment ended. The Boardment Segment is one of the longest, still visible parts of the Oregon Trail.

Mr. DeLorme took a GPS reading at this place, and Mr. Chips put the Google Earth link below, for you to take a peek at this part of the Oregon Trail. Maybe you will be able to see the trail yourself?

We turned north at the tiny Town of Cecil, Oregon, and came to Willow Creek Pioneer Campground. The Oregon Trail heads west at this place, and there is no road to follow the trail. So we will travel north toward the Columbia River.

Willow Creek Pioneer Campground.

2PM - Doing good with the budget!
The TiogaRV Team budget has been doing good over the past few months. We are coming back from the expenses of last Springtime, when MsTioga got her spectacular fiberglass and paint jobs!

If you would like to take a peek at the TiogaRV Team Budget Information, click here, OK?

2:30PM - Arlington, Oregon.
MsTioga has made an Afternoon Camp next to the lovely park in Arlington, Oregon, that has a beach and nice grass. MsTioga is above the park, looking down at the beach.
MsTioga in Arlington, Oregon.

4PM - How would the pioneers cross the mighty Columbia River?
When we Team Members first saw how wide is the Columbia River, we wondered how pioneers would cross it? We had seen the Columbia River before, but never with the perspective we now have about pioneer life and travel.

We thought about wagons being pulled by swimming oxen, but that did not seem right! No rope would be long enough for this very wide river.

Then we saw the Oregon Trail info kiosk in the Town of Arlington, Oregon. Now we understand!

8PM - Pioneer diary about Willow Creek.
Little Mavicito and I went our for an evening walk. On the way back to MsTioga, we stopped at the Oregon Trail kiosk.

There is an historical sign at the kiosk with a diary entry of Harriet Loughary that really struck us. We passed Willow Creek just this just this morning. Harriet Loughary writes about her time at Willow Creek in 1864. And what a horrid time it was!


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