Wednesday, October 31, 2007

7AM - Natural Bridges.
We broke our Nite Camp and headed toward the Pacific Ocean. MsTioga came to a sign pointing to Natural Bridges State Park, and we followed that sign.

We found a place to make our Day Camp that is soooooo close to the Ocean. And, we are very close to the entrance to Natural Bridges Park.

10AM - Honda generator.
Our Honda generator is being used for electric power. The sky is overcast, and we have a secret computer project to do. So it is necessary to use our tiny 1Kw Honda.

1PM - A zillion Monarch butterflies.
Did you know that here in Santa Cruz, an enormous Monarch butterfly migration is going on right now?

Little Mavicito and George went for a walk into Natural Bridges Park. The ranger at the entrance told us about the Monarch butterflies. We did not see any butterflies until we walked down the Butterfly Trail. At the bottom of the trail, a docent had to show us the butterflies hanging in huge bunches up in the eucalyptus trees.

4PM - The Sun is peeking out.
By mid-afternoon, the Sun decided to peek out thru the overcast. It is a gorgeous day here in the Town of Santa Cruz.

In a little while when the Sun gets low, we will move to our Nite Camp site. We spotted an industrial area away from the Ocean and will go there to check it out.
George, MsTioga and The Team in Santa Cruz.

6PM - Nite Camp.
When we checked out the industrial areas for our Nite Camp, they were signed "No Parking Midnight to 6AM." This may not be enforced, because we viewed RVs that appeared to be long term parked. However, we did not feel good about parking there, so we returned to Longs Drugs where we Nite Camped yesterday.


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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

7AM - Sleeping near Mission San Jose.
MsTioga and The Team had a quiet nite near Mission San Jose. It was peaceful, very good for sleeping.

Little Mavicito wants to go out on a morning walk to see what may be seen here in the old mission neighborhood. We will remain in this Camp until morning commute traffic calms down. Then MsTioga will head toward the coast and the City of Santa Cruz.

9AM - Morning walk and breakfast.
We spent much of our morning walk in the garden at the old mission. There is a statue there commemorating Father Junipero Serra who founded the missions established during the late 1700s.

After our morning walk, we made a fine breakfast of matzo-eggs-onions, fried potatoes, sliced orange and grapefruit juice.
Father Junipero Serra.

Our fine breakfast!

12 Noon - Twin Lakes Day Camp.
MsTioga and The Team have made a Day Camp at Twin Lakes State Beach in the City of Santa Cruz. Camping in Santa Cruz is a challenge even during the daytime.
Twin Lakes Beach Camp.

3PM - Moved to our Nite Camp site.
We have moved to a commercial area. MsTioga has made a Nite Camp next to a Longs Drug store on Mission Street. Our Camp is on a side road.

8PM - Earthquake rocks MsTioga.
A strong earthquake rocked MsTioga. This quake seemed to be a roller, and MsTioga rolled from side to side for well over 10 seconds. We do not remember another earthquake rocking MsTioga before this one!


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Monday, October 29, 2007

6AM - Heading toward Santa Cruz.
When morning commute traffic calms down, MsTioga and The Team will be leaving their Concord, California home base. We are heading south toward the City of Santa Cruz where son Joseph lives!

11AM - San Ramon Day Camp.
We have made a Day Camp in the City of San Ramon. This is our first day on-the-road since going to Yosemite early last month! We are staying at this Camp to decide how far to travel today. With gasoline at $3.15/gallon, MsTioga wants to stick close to her budget.

The Team is nostalgic about leaving son David's home this morning. Man-O-Man!

3PM - Mission San Jose.
We have made our Camp a block west of the historic Mission San Jose. MsTioga is behind a hardware store. We believe this will be a safe Camp for us.
Mission San Jose.


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Sunday, October 28, 2007

7AM - It is still dark.
It is almost 7AM, and it is still dark outside. Isn't daylight saving time supposed to make the Sun rise earlier in the morning?

We looked it up on Google, and the time shifts next week on the 1st Sunday in November this year. Hmmmmmm?

10AM - Living in a stick house home.
There are some tremendous advantages to living in a stick house home [over an RV]. Specifically, my son David's stick house home. The chief advantage is companionship. David comes downstairs from his bedroom every morning and is very cheerful. I love to watch David feed his fishes. Pussel the Cat is a wonderful companion for me also, and comes over for his petting as soon as I am downstairs.

A bathtub with hot water is a very nice thing. David has a hot tub, and although I have not used it, I've thought about using it. But until then, an ordinary regular bathtub is just fine.

Lately I have been thinking about traveling south and visiting with son Joseph in the City of Santa Cruz, California. Traveling is in my blood. I am addicted to traveling.
David's hot tub.

My son Joseph.


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Saturday, October 27, 2007

9AM - Family get-together.
We are going to have a dinner party! Our family has been invited to Mom Evie's home for supper. Sons David and Joe are going too. Isn't that neat?
Our family. David, Joseph, George, Evie.


Friday, October 26, 2007

7:30AM - Hiking on Mount Diablo.
Little Mavicito has been wanting to go on a hike for several days. We have not been hiking lately, and Little Mavicito enjoys hikes.

This morning MsTioga and The Team plan to go to Borges Ranch at the foot of Mount Diablo. From there, Little Mavicito and George will go on their hike.

10AM - Old Borges Ranch.
MsTioga and The Team have made a Day Camp in Old Borges Ranch at the foot of Mount Diablo. Little Mavicito is ready to go on his hike on the mountain.

But before the hike, George was hungry. So he made a tuna salad for brunch. It is soooooo good!

2:30 - A long hike!
When Little Mavicito and George returned from their hike, MsTioga asked, "Where did you go? You two were gone for 2-1/2 hours!"

Little Mavicito told, "When we were on the Ridge Trail, George stopped to rest. Then he fell asleep and napped for a whole hour!"
George on Costanoan Trail.

Do you see MsTioga?

Old Borges Ranch from Briones Trail.


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Thursday, October 25, 2007

9AM - Exploring Morgan Territory Road.
This morning we had a Team Meeting to decide where to look for adventure. MsTioga volunteered that she had driven by Morgan Territory Road several times, and wondered if we would be interested in driving down this small historic road.

The TiogaRV Team voted and decided to head out there. So, we are going!

11AM - Camped in Morgan Territory.
MsTioga drove Morgan Territory Road. Much of the way, the road has only one lane. During the rainy season, a creek follows the road. A shady oak tree forest lines the roadway.

MsTioga in Morgan Territory.

MsTioga Camped in Morgan Territory Regional Preserve.

3PM - In-N-Out!
How is it possible to resist the temptation of the In-N-Out Burger joint? The pull was too great. So we went to the one in San Ramon, California.

We could have headed back north, the way we came. But instead, we went south to Livermore, then north on the Freeway. All this to get to the In-N-Out Burger.

The French fries are wonderful. The burger is wonderful. Wow!


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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

6:30AM - Readers wonder if I'm sick.
We have received email from readers wondering why I am signing up with the Veterans Administration [VA]. Perhaps I am sick, and keeping that sickness quiet?

I feel great, and am not sick. However, I do have a common ailment of senior men. That is an enlarged prostate. There is a prostate procedure that I have been considering. It is called, "Green Light Laser." This procedure is sort of expensive. Perhaps I will be able to have the Green Light thing done at the VA?

I am aware that there is medication to deal with an enlarged prostate. However, I am concerned about side-effects of this medication.

10AM - Heather Farms Park.
MsTioga and The Team have traveled to Heather Farms Park in the City of Walnut Creek. We have made a Morning Camp here.

There are two connected lakes inside the park which are a refuge for many birds. Also, a wonderful rose garden.
George enjoys the lake.

3PM - Heading home.
We are heading to son David's home to prepare supper. BBQ chicken, meat loaf, salad and corn bread. On the way, MsTioga stopped at the Trader Joe's grocery to buy the corn bread mix. There is something special about Trader Joe's, don't you think?

We fixed the Halloween fence at David's home which had been blown down by the wind.
Trader Joe's is special.

David's Halloween cemetery.


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