Tuesday, October 09, 2007

10AM - MsTioga is at the Concord Safety Center.
Randy's Mechanical completed all of MsTioga's work except the front end Queen Pin stuff and the propane regulator replacement. This front end work is going to be done by Concord Safety Center, a shop that specializes in front ends. MsTioga is at Concord Safety Center right now.

The propane regulators will be delivered to Randy's Mechanical tomorrow.

MsTioga at Concord Safety.

10:30AM - Ms. GQ is online.
We have permission from Concord Safety Center to stay inside MsTioga while the Queen Pin work is done. Ms. GQ tried going online, and remarkably found an unsecured wireless network available. And, this network has good signal strength. How lucky!

3PM - MsTioga is in pieces!
Nearly all of MsTioga's steering assembly has been taken apart. MsTioga has never been so disassembled before!!
MsTioga at the mechanic getting her Queen Pins fixed.

4PM - What is a Queen Pin?
Reader Dee-ann asked in the ShoutBox, "What is a Queen Pin?" Actually, these are usually named King Pin. This is the pivot shaft around which MsTioga's front wheel rotates in order to steer.
Pic of one of MsTioga's Queen Pins.


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