Monday, October 01, 2007

5:30AM - MsTioga maintenance.
Our maintenance program shows that Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank is due for maintenance. So, the batteries were watered, cable connections checked and everything cleaned up.

MsTioga is also due to have her rear brakes and parking brake system checked. We have heard good things about "Randy's Mobile Mechanical Service" in Concord, California [our home base], and we are going to give them a try.

8:30AM - MsTioga searching for adventure!
MsTioga and The Team had a meeting this morning. Most of our maintenance things have been completed. We have made an appointment for next Monday for MsTioga's service at Randy's Mobile Mechanical.

We have a free week. So, it was decided to head out of our Concord, California home base and search for adventure! See you down the road!

2PM - Doing laundry in the City of Stockton.
MsTioga and The Team are Laundry Camped in the City of Stockton, California. This place is in the San Joaquin Valley. It is believed that 25% of the value of agriculture in the United States, comes from this area.

3PM - Tacos El Grullense.
Whenever we arrive in the City of Stockton, we always stop at the Tacos El Grullense Mexican food truck. We love their burritos!
Chicken burrito from El Grullense.

Little Mavicito Video Productions
Tacos El Grullense!

10PM - Nite Camped in the City of Stockton.
MsTioga has moved to her Nite Camp. We are far enough from the highway for it to be nice and quiet.


Nite Camp Location

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