Wednesday, October 10, 2007

5:30AM - MsTioga overnite in the shop.
MsTioga stayed at the Concord Safety Center shop all nite long. This morning, MsTioga's steering will be aligned.

MsTioga has "Twin I-Beam" suspension. These I-Beams are made of forged steel. Did you know that sometimes it is necessary to "bend" these forged I-Beams in order to align the steering? Wow! It will be very interesting to watch this "bending" if it has to be done. Little Mavicito is very anxious to see that bending.

8AM - Wheel alignment.
MsTioga is now in the wheel alignment machine. MsTioga's Twin I-Beams didn't need bending. This saved us $144.
MsTioga's wheel alignment.

9:30AM - Rotating tires.
The Queen Pin problem caused undue front tire wear. So, we are at a tire place to rotate MsTioga's front tires to the duallys. All six of MsTioga's tires were balanced and rotated.
MsTioga getting a tire rotation.

1:30PM - Bed and window stuff.
We drove to Lily's sewing place and picked up our new "special made" fitted and quilted bed cover. Also, the window headers for MsTioga's living room. We will show them to you maybe tomorrow.

You may remember that this sewed stuff was ordered before The Team's trip to Yosemite National Park.

3PM - Propane regulator.
A phone call was received from Randy's Mechanical that the propane regulators would be received later this afternoon. We made arrangements to have one of these regulators installed tomorrow morning. The second regulator is a spare.

When all of the bills are paid for MsTioga's mechanical work done this week, the total amounts will be published in order to share with you.

We continue to hang out and sleep over at son David's home for awhile. We like it here!
George's favorite computer spot at son David's home.


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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