Monday, October 08, 2007

6:30AM - MsTioga to the mechanic.
This morning, MsTioga has an appointment with her mechanic whose name is Randy's Mobile Mechanical Service, here in the City of Concord, California. Among things to be looked into are:
  • Parking brake
  • Rear drum brakes
  • Propane system
8AM - Randy's Mobile Mechanical Service.
We like Randy's. A professional shop with knowledgeable people. After checking over MsTioga, we approved MsTioga for the following work:
  • Replace rear drum brake shoes
  • King pins, overhaul assembly
  • Front alignment
  • Radius arm bushings, replace
  • Propane regulator, replace
MsTioga's parking brake system checked out fine. Danny, our mechanic, checked out all of the stuff in MsTioga's under carriage. Everything looked fine.

When the propane regulator is purchased, an extra regulator will be bought for us to carry in MsTioga's parts stock.

11:30AM - MsTioga will be in the shop overnite.
George, Ms. GQ and Little Mavicito have returned to son David's home. MsTioga's work will be completed tomorrow.MsTioga at Randy's Mechanical.

7PM - The Great Queen Pin Controversy.
MsTioga believes that she has Queen Pins, not King Pins. MsTioga says that since she is a lady RV, her pins are Queen Pins. This subject has been the cause of much conversation and debate among Team Members this afternoon and evening.

As you may know, MsTioga's Queen Pins are being replaced by her mechanic. Queen Pins are the pivot point for the steering tires.


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