Thursday, October 11, 2007

6AM - Breakfast with Mr. Dick!
This morning we are having breakfast with our friend Mr. Dick. Did you know that Mr. Dick is a good friend of our noble desktop computer, Mr. Chips? It is true! Mr. Dick writes email to Mr. Chips all the time.

Some people might find it strange that a human being would be emailing directly to a computer. Not us on The Team, however. We talk to non-human persons every single day!

We are going to meet Mr. Dick at Pegg's Restaurant, in Martinez, California. After breakfast, MsTioga will be heading to Randy's Mechanical to get her propane regulator installed.
George & Mr. Dick at Pegg's Restaurant.

11AM - At the Wal*Mart.
We buy MsTioga's motor oil at the Wal*Mart. As you may know, we love the Wal*Mart! Just after we arrived, there was a knock on MsTioga's door. It was reader Bill Harrison, dropping by to say, "Hi!"
Reader Bill Harrison.

12 Noon - Randy's Mechanical.
MsTioga returned to Randy's Mechanical, and had her broken propane regulator installed. In only a few hours, Mr. Dometic was feeling his old self again!
Look at Mr. Dometic's thermometer!

2PM - Concord Community Park.
We are Afternoon Camped in Concord Park. Ms. GQ wants to work on our "Yesterday/Tomorrow" Link Project and the Calendar Project. Good progress is being made on these two projects.

If you click on the calendar link [left side of blog], you may find a "Quarterly Calendar List" link. Ms. GQ and George have been working on adding the Quarterly Calendars. Our goal is to have "Yesterday/Tomorrow" links and "Quarterly Calendars" for every blog post.

4PM - Reader Ralph.
Ralph Natividad, a reader who RVs in an AirStream trailer, came by to see MsTioga and The Team. Ralph is looking to the day when he will be able to live the way we on the TiogaRV Team live. Wow!
Ralph Natividad visits MsTioga.


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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