Monday, October 15, 2007

6AM - George to the doctors.
Some readers wrote in the ShoutBox that they heard me coughing on the video soundtrack of "A Tour of MsTioga." These readers advised me to take care of that cough. My son David is also concerned.

You may remember that last February in Mexico, a similar cough developed into pneumonia and I was hospitalized four days. This morning I am going to John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek, California to have my lung congestion checked out.

This will be the very first time that I am using Medicare! I do not know very much about Medicare, so this will be a very interesting experience.

9AM - John Muir Hospital.
MsTioga has made her Camp on a street near John Muir Hospital. This is just a short distance from where my Mom lived for many years!

11AM - Acute bronchitis.
I have been diagnosed with acute bronchitis, and given a prescription for medication. The cost of the doctor and hospital facility is going to be mailed. However, the cost of medication is known.

It is interesting to compare the medical care cost for my treatment in Mexico. A four day stay in the Mexico hospital, including doctors and all medication cost $466US. In comparison, the five pills for medication that I am buying at the Rite Aid Pharmacy cost $108 with my 20% Medicare discount.

12 Noon - Evie's Hamburgers.
You may know that before earning money from Google Ads, there was Evie's Hamburgers. Yes! I was in the restaurant business from 1976 to 1989.

I have not visited Evie's Hamburgers in many years, and decided to go there for lunch today. The hamburger and fries were very good.
Evie's Hamburgers in Walnut Creek, California.

1:30PM - Mini-blind replacement.
One of MsTioga's mini-blinds is coming apart. We are Camped at The Home Depot in Pittsburg, California in order to buy a replacement blind.

3PM - A storm is coming!
After the mini-blind was installed in MsTioga, Little Mavicito went outside and captured a pic of the storm coming our way.
The storm.


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