Monday, October 29, 2007

6AM - Heading toward Santa Cruz.
When morning commute traffic calms down, MsTioga and The Team will be leaving their Concord, California home base. We are heading south toward the City of Santa Cruz where son Joseph lives!

11AM - San Ramon Day Camp.
We have made a Day Camp in the City of San Ramon. This is our first day on-the-road since going to Yosemite early last month! We are staying at this Camp to decide how far to travel today. With gasoline at $3.15/gallon, MsTioga wants to stick close to her budget.

The Team is nostalgic about leaving son David's home this morning. Man-O-Man!

3PM - Mission San Jose.
We have made our Camp a block west of the historic Mission San Jose. MsTioga is behind a hardware store. We believe this will be a safe Camp for us.
Mission San Jose.


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