Wednesday, October 03, 2007

7:30AM - Campground reservations.
The campground reservation office opens at 8AM. We were 2nd in the line and arrived at 7:30AM. Twenty two camp sites were available this morning.

We paid for two nites at Site #504 in North Pines Campground!

MsTioga Camped near the reservation office.

9AM - Camped at Yosemite Village.
There is a nice parking lot near Yosemite Village. It is an open space, clear of trees. Mr. Sunny is able to get his solar panels in full sunlight here. And Mr. Datastorm has a clear view to his space station [satellite].

There is something about Yosemite that makes us soooooooo hungry! We are going to make a BIG breakfast!
MsTioga Camped at Yosemite Village.

5PM - Driving and biking Yosemite.
We have been driving and biking around Yosemite Valley. We saw Bridal Veil Falls and watched climbers going up Mighty El Capitan! We went to the visitor center which appears to have an all new display this year.

It is very dry because the rainy season has not yet arrived. Yosemite Falls is just a water mark on the rock wall.
Yosemite Falls is dry.

MsTioga has her own road!

In the pic below is President Theodore Roosevelt with John Muir the father of Yosemite Park. The two men made a camp in Yosemite Valley.
President Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir.

Little Mavicito Video Productions
Yosemite National Park


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