Saturday, October 06, 2007

7:30AM - La Grange, California.
We have made our Breakfast Camp a little bit west of the Town of La Grange. Last nite got a bit cold, down below 40°F at our 3,600 foot elevation Nite Camp. Mr. Wave6, our hard working catalytic heater, was cranked up to medium heat for most of the nite.

3:30PM - MsTioga's propane system failed!
On arriving at son David's home in the City of Concord, the sound of leaking gas was heard. The gas was coming from MsTioga's propane tank! Wow!

The propane tank had been refilled after we left Yosemite Park. Perhaps the propane tank was overfilled? Maybe the tank was bleeding off excess propane gas? Hmmmmm?

MsTioga's propane system needs service. The propane gas is bleeding out from the regulator. In order to stop that bleeding gas, the valve on the regulator is now closed.

Propane service is not available until Monday. Everybody in the phone book was called. This means that there is no heat inside MsTioga and no refrigeration from the now failed propane gas system.

It was decided to park MsTioga as close as possible to son David's home and plug into his electric power. I have never used Mr. Dometic [fridge] on electric power. This is going to be a good test to see how Mr. Dometic does with electricity.

I will NOT be able to sleep inside MsTioga in front of David's home. This is not permitted in the City of Concord. So, I will be sleeping in David's home.


9PM - Mr. Dometic is sooooooo happy!
Hi! This is Mr. Dometic typing at you. I am sooooooo happy because I am working on electricity now, and it is so easy for me to keep cool! Even easier than propane!

This is the very first time that I've worked on electricity before. And I did not even know if I would work on electricity. Was I surprised. With electricity powering my cooling unit, I cooled down my fridge from 46°F to 35°F in only four hours. That is really fast for me!


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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