Thursday, October 04, 2007

7AM - Budget Info.
We have made a Morning Camp in the day parking area near Yosemite Village. Ms. GQ and Mr. Chips reminded that our Team Budget Info needs posting!

We are all very happy to see that our savings rate has increased to 11%! When MsTioga's fiberglass and paint jobs are amortized in March, 2008, our monthly savings should zoom!

Our "Budget Info" may be found in the "Behind The Scenes" section off of our Home Page [Click on Home link below].

8AM - Hubert Kriegel.
One day a few years ago, I was walking to El Centro in the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia. I saw a motorcycle parked on a side street with a sidecar attached. There were a ton of stickers, from all over the World.

A fellow introduced himself. His name is Hubert Kriegel, a world traveler of immense proportions! Hubert has written emails to me from time to time. I am sooooooo impressed with this man! Hubert is something else!

1PM - The Ahwahnee Hotel.
We spent much of our morning over at The Ahwahnee, the center piece of lodging in Yosemite National Park. What a fabulous place is The Ahwahnee.

I had the pleasure of staying there in the mid-1990s when I paid "only" $175/nite! My room had one of the original bath tubs from 1927. A huge cast iron thing and I could stretch out my legs while lying down and still be under the hot water. The window of my room looked out at Yosemite Falls in spring time!

Below are pics telling the history of The Ahwahnee, and a current price sheet, in case you are tempted!
The Ahwahnee.

Yosemite Park lodging prices.

Ahwahnee history, Part #1.

Ahwahnee history, Part #2.

Little Mavicito Video Productions
The Ahwahnee


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