Sunday, October 28, 2007

7AM - It is still dark.
It is almost 7AM, and it is still dark outside. Isn't daylight saving time supposed to make the Sun rise earlier in the morning?

We looked it up on Google, and the time shifts next week on the 1st Sunday in November this year. Hmmmmmm?

10AM - Living in a stick house home.
There are some tremendous advantages to living in a stick house home [over an RV]. Specifically, my son David's stick house home. The chief advantage is companionship. David comes downstairs from his bedroom every morning and is very cheerful. I love to watch David feed his fishes. Pussel the Cat is a wonderful companion for me also, and comes over for his petting as soon as I am downstairs.

A bathtub with hot water is a very nice thing. David has a hot tub, and although I have not used it, I've thought about using it. But until then, an ordinary regular bathtub is just fine.

Lately I have been thinking about traveling south and visiting with son Joseph in the City of Santa Cruz, California. Traveling is in my blood. I am addicted to traveling.
David's hot tub.

My son Joseph.


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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