Wednesday, October 31, 2007

7AM - Natural Bridges.
We broke our Nite Camp and headed toward the Pacific Ocean. MsTioga came to a sign pointing to Natural Bridges State Park, and we followed that sign.

We found a place to make our Day Camp that is soooooo close to the Ocean. And, we are very close to the entrance to Natural Bridges Park.

10AM - Honda generator.
Our Honda generator is being used for electric power. The sky is overcast, and we have a secret computer project to do. So it is necessary to use our tiny 1Kw Honda.

1PM - A zillion Monarch butterflies.
Did you know that here in Santa Cruz, an enormous Monarch butterfly migration is going on right now?

Little Mavicito and George went for a walk into Natural Bridges Park. The ranger at the entrance told us about the Monarch butterflies. We did not see any butterflies until we walked down the Butterfly Trail. At the bottom of the trail, a docent had to show us the butterflies hanging in huge bunches up in the eucalyptus trees.

4PM - The Sun is peeking out.
By mid-afternoon, the Sun decided to peek out thru the overcast. It is a gorgeous day here in the Town of Santa Cruz.

In a little while when the Sun gets low, we will move to our Nite Camp site. We spotted an industrial area away from the Ocean and will go there to check it out.
George, MsTioga and The Team in Santa Cruz.

6PM - Nite Camp.
When we checked out the industrial areas for our Nite Camp, they were signed "No Parking Midnight to 6AM." This may not be enforced, because we viewed RVs that appeared to be long term parked. However, we did not feel good about parking there, so we returned to Longs Drugs where we Nite Camped yesterday.


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