Monday, October 22, 2007

8AM - Birthday presents.
We have birthday presents to find. So, we have made a Camp near Fry's Electronics to go shopping.

9AM - Calendars are complete!
Yes! All of our quarterly calendars are complete now! We are sooooooo happy about that.

When you use the quarterly calendars, if you find any mistakes in the date links, would you please send an email?

12 Noon - Our friend Paul.
We went to visit our friend Paul Gouveia. You may remember that Paul and George worked on the Pleasant Hill Monument restoration project together. Paul is very involved with the American Legion.

Paul has been a friend for many years. We always stop by and see him when we are in our home base. Paul gave us a contact at the local Veterans Administration office so that we may get hooked up with the VA.
Paul and George.

MonumentC09-19-2006 MonumentB09-19-2006

5PM - Camped in Newhall Park.
We have made an Afternoon Camp in the City of Concord's Newhall Park. We are going to do some maintenance things here and also work on our "Yesterday/Tomorrow" project.


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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