Friday, October 05, 2007

8AM - Last morning in Yosemite Park!
MsTioga has an appointment with her mechanic set for early Monday morning. So we are heading out of Yosemite and returning to our home base in Concord, California.

We have made a Breakfast Camp alongside a meadow in Yosemite Valley. It is cold this morning, only 44°F. The sky is filled with clouds.

Little Mavicito took a pic of Half Dome yesterday just before Sundown. Compare that pic to the pano of this morning. Half Dome is only partly visible because of the clouds.
Half Dome yesterday afternoon.

Only part of Half Dome may be seen this morning because of the clouds.

4PM - Hale, snow and rain.
The weather has descended on MsTioga and The Team! It is a dark and beautiful day. First came tiny hale stones, then snow [which did not stick]. Then rain.

We have made our Camp alongside Highway #132 overlooking Lake McClure which contains the Merced River.
The Merced River Valley on a dark stormy afternoon.

6:30PM - Supper.
Tonite's supper has one of my favorite combinations. Roast beast with gravy. Breaded and fried red potatoes, zucchini, Brussels sprouts and a nice salad.
Roast beast supper.


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