Sunday, October 21, 2007

9AM - Breakfast at David's!
Last nite, MsTioga and The Team made their Nite Camp just around the corner from son David's home. This morning, George, Little Mavicito and Ms. GQ went to David's home and found that several kids from the birthday party stayed overnite.

David made a nice breakfast for everybody. Afterwards, Little Mavicito took a pic of George and the trophy won for winning the Jenga Championship contest held yesterday at Javier's birthday party.
Breakfast by David.

The Jenga champion.

3PM - MsTioga's superior step.
Some months ago when we were in the Pueblo of Mulege in Mexico, we forgot to retract MsTioga's step. The step then got bashed against some stone stairs. From that time, the step did not completely retract. It stuck out about two inches.

This "stuck-out" step proved to be a remarkably good thing. We are able to go into MsTioga using this "stuck-out" step. It is very convenient because it is NOT necessary to move the step out in order to use it. We love this new feature of MsTioga's step.
MsTioga's superior step.


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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