Thursday, November 22, 2007

11AM - Mr. Datastorm gets help.
You may remember that yesterday afternoon, Mr. Datastorm traveled outside of his satellite footprint, and was not able to go online. We phoned our friends John & Mimi this morning, and asked if it would be OK to come to their home early so that we may post using their Datastorm system. That is where we are now! Later today, we are celebrating Thanksgiving with John and Mimi.

We have a LOT to be thankful for, on this special day. We are thankful for our many friends, who thru the miracle of the internet, reach out to us with support. We are thankful for our wonderful MsTioga, who provides us with shelter and a place to sleep.

We on the TiogaRV Team, are soooooo lucky. Man-O-Man!

MsTioga at John & Mimi's home for Thanksgiving.

5PM - Swell Thanksgiving dinner!
Our friend Mimi prepared the best Thanksgiving dinner. Mimi's turkey was wonderful. Everybody agreed that dinner was perfect!
Mimi shows her turkey.

John carving.

Thanksgiving table.

7PM - Mr. Datastorm back online.
When we returned to MsTioga, our Mr. Datastorm reminded that we had moved east, and maybe he would be able to go on online again. And guess what? We are now back online! Isn't that fantastic?


No anchor map link published for this day.

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