Friday, November 16, 2007

5AM - Los Angeles County.
Traveling thru enormous Los Angeles County is a challenge. There are soooooo many people living here and the vehicle traffic is beyond belief. We have chosen to travel along the Pacific Coast, on Highway #1. We are hoping to skirt the traffic on this route.

6AM - Malibu Morning Camp.
We have made our Morning Camp just as the dawn is beginning to break. MsTioga's Camp is high over the Pacific Ocean. We are in a wide parking area alongside Highway #1.
MsTioga near Malibu.

11AM - Camping in Venice.
We have made a Camp in the City of Venice. We are in a residential neighborhood with no parking meters, a real find in this section of Los Angeles County.

Our Camp in Venice.

4PM - Redondo Beach.
We left our Venice Camp because the street was too narrow. MsTioga was worried that a car would hit her during the nite.

We found a one-way street with a place for MsTioga to Nite Camp in the City of Redondo Beach. There is a vacant power line right-of-way next to us, and this site is level too!
MsTioga in Redondo Beach.


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