Friday, November 09, 2007

6:30AM - MsTioga solves the energy crisis!
Early this morning MsTioga and Ms. GQ called for a Team Meeting to talk about our energy crisis. Our own personal Team energy crisis due to the rising price of gasoline.

MsTioga and Ms. GQ came up with a strategy. In addition to our daily driving target of 30 miles per day, we should consider sometimes driving every other day. Because we do not use any gasoline when we are Camping and not driving.

Little Mavicito piped up; "Wow! That means that sometimes, we might only be traveling 15 miles a day! That's like the pioneers back in the 1850s!"

MsTioga commented; "What was good for our pioneers is good enough for me."

8AM - Catching up cleaning!
During the past two weeks or so, MsTioga's cleaning has gotten way behind. George being a California weather wimp, doesn't like to be outside with wet hands when it is cold and damp.

This morning although there is an overcast, the weather outside is nice. So, MsTioga is getting washed. George says, "Washing MsTioga with The New Ladder is soooooo easy!"
Just after we finished washing, it started to rain!

10AM - See's Candy!
We received a See's Candy gift certificate from Evie at the big birthday party held last weekend. And this morning we spotted a See's Candy store! Wow!

Thank you, Evie!
George at the See's Candy store.

5PM - Grover Beach Nite Camp.
MsTioga and The Team have made our Nite Camp in the City of Grover Beach. We are in a commercial/residential neighborhood behind an Ace Hardware store.


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