Friday, November 02, 2007

6:30AM - Reader asks about gas shortage?
We received a very concerned email from Reader Warren who asks:
"What will you do if there is a gasoline shortage or the price goes up to $5 per gallon."

It has been our experience that sometime, something is going to happen somewhere. That something may be a gas shortage and high gas prices. It may be sickness. MsTioga may have a terrible accident.

We do not worry about these things because that sometime isn't today, and that something has yet to happen somewhere down the road.

Our idea on the TiogaRV Team is to never let concerns about the future mess with our enjoyment of today.

9AM - Mr. Sunny tilts his panels.
This morning was our first while in Santa Cruz when the Sun showed itself during the morning. So, Mr. Sunny has tilted his solar panels. Incoming amperage shot up from 3.3 to 14.4 amps! Wow!
Mr. Sunny's tilted panels.

9:30AM - My son Joe.
This morning, my son Joe came for breakfast inside MsTioga! We had scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh fruit and juice.

It is a wonderful thing to share a time like this with my son Joe!
My son, Joe.

10AM - Reader Beverly.
There was a knock on MsTioga's door. It was reader Beverly who came by to say, "Hi." Beverly lives in Santa Cruz.

Beverly gave a wonderful compliment when she said that, "MsTioga looks better in person than in her pictures!" Wow!
Reader Beverly.

12:30PM - Reader Sam.
Very long time Reader Sam has paid many visits to MsTioga. We believe that Sam has visited us every year of our journey. Today Sam drove in all the way from Watsonville to visit us. Isn't that something?

This is the very first time we have taken Sam's picture!
Reader Sam.

2PM - Butterflies are flying.
The Monarch Butterflies do not fly when the weather is cold. They just hang together in large groups from the Eucalyptus trees.

Today it is sunny and much warmer. Little Mavicito was able to capture several pics, and this is the best one.
A Monarch Butterfly.


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