Thursday, November 15, 2007

6AM - Finding Camps.
There is no doubt that we have a highly developed sense for finding safe Camps. This coming February, MsTioga and The Team will begin their sixth year as RVing vagabonds. Every nite for all of these years, we have found a place to make our free Nite Camp. Only in National Parks have we paid for camping.

We have not always found safe Camps. In the beginning years, every once in awhile, police knocked on MsTioga's door at nite. For the past few years, police rarely come to call.

Take where we are Camped right now, here in the City of Ventura. When we were looking for our Camp last nite, we spotted this commercial neighborhood. It looked very good. Not until we entered here, did MsTioga recognize this place as one where we had made a Nite Camp before. This neighborhood has, "the look" of a good place to Nite Camp. If we wanted, we might be able to make a Camp here for a week with no problems.

10AM - Bob & Sharon.
This morning, MsTioga and The Team are visiting with their long time reader/friends, Bob & Sharon. Bob helped George learn about Google Adsense, which has been earning income for The Team since 2004!
George, Bob, Sharon with MsTioga.

3PM - Beach Camped in Oxnard.
We spent the morning with Bob and Sharon talking over what's been going on in our lives. Afterwards, we went to lunch at the Sizzler [love that steak]. Then we said goodbye.

Little Mavicito wanted to go down to the beach. So, we did. We are spending the afternoon down near the water. It is a lovely d
MsTioga at the beach.

5:30PM - Oxnard Nite Camp.
The Sun sets soooooo early now. As we made our Nite Camp in the City of Oxnard, it is already dark. There are some big rig trucks parked nearby MsTioga, a sign of a safe place to make this Nite Camp.

On the way here, MsTioga stopped to fill her propane tank. We were surprised at the propane price. $4.27/gallon [including tax]. This is the highest price that we have ever paid for propane!


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