Wednesday, November 21, 2007

7:30AM - Reader Alex.
Alex told us that he came early because we usually break our Nite Camp early. Alex lives in the nearby Town of Encinitas, where we will be going later today to visit one our favorite gardens in the Self Realization Center.

Alex has been reading our blog for about six months, and hopes to one day buy his own RV.
Reader Alex.

10:30AM - Encinitas.
MsTioga is Morning Camped next to the gardens of the Self Realization Center in the Town of Encinitas.
The garden.

4PM - Mr. Datastorm's challenge.
We traveled south into the City of San Diego. When Mr. Datastorm went up in order for us to go online, we could NOT lock onto our satellite! Wow!

It turned out that we had gone a bit outside the satellite footprint for our satellite, Horizon One [127 West]. Mr. Datastorm would like to switch to SatMex5 [117 West]. However during the Thanksgiving holiday period, this switch may not be possible.

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