Tuesday, November 13, 2007

7:30AM - Vagabonding life.
I've had tons of experience lately, comparing my vagabonding life with living close to family. There is no doubt that living "hooked up" close to family is the easier life.

MsTioga and The Team have chosen the vagabonding life, and this means that from time to time there are goodbyes with all of those feelings tumbling out. Man-O-Man!
George on Seymour and Shirley's bridge.

2PM - Seymour's metal artwork.
Uncle Seymour loves to make artwork, much of it out of metal, mostly steel. Seymour has a friend who also likes to make artwork. We went to visit that friend, Bill and his wife Martha.

Bill and Martha have made a studio called J.W. Adkins Gallery out of what formerly was their construction and hardwood lumber business. As you may imagine, Seymour and Bill have a lot of things in common.
Seymour's artwork in progress.

5PM - Town of Carpinteria.
MsTioga and The Team have left Seymour and Shirley's place, and headed on down the road. We are making a Nite Camp in the Town of Carpinteria. But first we stopped off at a Chinese restaurant to have a dining out treat!


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