Monday, November 05, 2007

7:30AM - The Wal*Mart.
We have made a Shopping Camp at the Wal*Mart in the City of Salinas, California. Two longtime plaid shirts have developed holes, and need replacement.
New plaid shirts.

10:30AM - North of Soledad.
We usually travel south along the Pacific Coast road on Highway #1. The tremendous amount of overcast got us to decide to go inland in order to get Sun for Mr. Sunny's solar panels. So, we are traveling down The King's Highway, Route #101.

We have made a Breakfast Camp a bit north of the Town of Soledad.

1:30PM - "Yesterday/Tomorrow" Project.
We have made our Camp in the Town of Soledad. MsGQ wants to work with George on our "Yesterday/Tomorrow" Project. This project is to put "Yesterday/Tomorrow" buttons on all of our blog pages. We have about 1-1/2 more years of blog pages to go!

On the way here to this Camp, we bought a red and green pepper. We're going to make fajitas tonite from the left over prime rib that we took home from the birthday party last Saturday. Son David paid for all the birthday party food. Thank you, David!
Ms. GQ & George work on the "Yesterday/Tomorrow" Project.

7PM - Prime rib fajitas.
Our prime rib fajitas are ready to be eaten. MsTioga prepared the fajitas in one of our cast iron skillets, and we eat out of the skillet too. We love cast iron for cooking, because they are soooooo versatile. And cast iron lasts forever. We gave away all of our teflon skillets to Jose the Fiberglass Guy in Mexico.
Prime rib fajitas.


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