Sunday, November 18, 2007

7AM - Camp Jacky!
We headed south traveling mostly on the San Diego Freeway [#405]. We have been invited to Cousin Jacky's home for breakfast!

The freeways are huge, never less than six lanes wide, sometimes seven lanes! MsTioga was very surprised to find the traffic not too heavy. We cruised along at 55 miles per hour in the right lane with no problems.

Cousin Jacky lives in the gated community of Laguna Hills. MsTioga has a nice place to Camp, and there is even electric power there.
Camp Jacky.

10AM - The family breakfast.
My cousin Jacky made a nice family breakfast. There was a birthday celebration yesterday for Jacky's daughter Barbara and Jacky's twin great-grandchildren Sadie and Samuel [one year old].

At the breakfast was Barbara, her husband Hank and their son Michael [father of Sadie and Samuel]. Also, Jacky's grandson Joey.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of this memorable gathering! Wow!


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