Thursday, November 29, 2007

7AM - Invited for pancakes this morning!
Yesterday afternoon there were two people walking high on the hill behind our Peg Leg Camp. As they descended, I walked over to meet them. They are Tony & Dicky, who came from Holland many years ago to live here in the USA.

Tony and Dicky are very interesting people who have been RVing for a long time. In their younger years they ocean kayaked on the Pacific coast off California and Baja California.

Tony came over see what I was doing this morning as I tilted Mr. Sunny's solar panels. Then he invited me for a pancake breakfast. Isn't that the greatest thing?
Dicky and Tony.

1PM - Reader Chris.
A big 5th wheel and diesel truck pulled up and parked near MsTioga. Soon a smiling fellow came walking up and introduced himself as Chris, who has been reading our blog for a long time.

Chris comes from the State of Washington where it is cold winter now. Chris loves to boondock and dry camp the same as we do on the TiogaRV Team!
Chris from Washington State.

3PM - Washing MsTioga.
We have gotten just a bit behind in washing MsTioga. This afternoon we washed MsTioga's front end all the way back to her doors!
George washes MsTioga.


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