Tuesday, November 20, 2007

7AM - Million $dollar$ Camp.
MsTioga and The Team are really tickled when they are able to make a Free Camp in a place like Newport Beach. We are surrounded by $Million dollar homes and close to the beach!
Our free $Million dollar Camp.

7:30AM - Reader David Marchand.
We are always so happy to hear a knock on our door and hear the words,"George, are you there?" We then know that our visitor is a Reader friend. We love to meet our readers.

David Marchand lives in Newport Beach, and has been reading about MsTioga and The Team since 2003. David owns an RV trailer, and traveled to the west coast a few years ago on his move from the east. David arrived bearing a Starbuck's cafe latte for breakfast!
Reader David Marchand.

1PM - Sanidumps website.
Our Mr. DeLorme is very supportive of Sanidumps website. Very often when we visit a dump station, Mr. DeLorme takes a GPS reading and then submits updated info to Sanidumps.
MsTioga at a rest stop dump station.

2PM - Camped in Oceanside.
We have made a Camp in the City of Oceanside. The huge Camp Pendleton Marine Base is located here.

The sky is very grey, and it looks as though the Sun will not break thru the overcast. We likely will crank up our tiny Honda 1KW generator.


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