Sunday, November 25, 2007

7AM - Mr. Datastorm not online again.
For the past two days Mr. Datastorm has been able to be online in the evening. However, in the morning the satellite does not let us online! It is frustrating.

This morning, Mr. Sunny tilted his panels and Little Mavicito went outside to take a pic of George and Tioga in the sunshine. Afterwards, we found out that the satellite was not operating right! Wow!

We would have to move to a more northerly location and try again.
George and Tioga at our Nite Camp site.

9AM - American Legion Camp.
We traveled down from the mountain of our Nite Camp. There is a beautiful range of mountains to the north. We came to an American Legion post with a sign which read, "RV Camping for Veterans." So, we pulled in to this campsite and Mr. Datastorm tried again to go online.

This try Mr. Datastorm was able to find his satellite, but the signal was too weak to lock on. Man-O-Man! We are going north a little more and try again.

10:30AM - Borrego Springs.
We are in the small Town of Borrego Springs in a lot near a launderette. Mr. Datastorm went up and found his satellite, but had trouble locking on. Finally, after about 30 minutes of knocking on the satellite trying to get permission to go online, we finally made it! Lord!

Our plan is to remain in the desert until we are able to change over to SatMex5, a satellite that has a good footprint for where we are now. Tomorrow morning, we will be able to phone Motosat [our internet service provider] to request this change over.

2PM - Circle Suds.
The name of the launderette near our Camp is "Circle Suds." The 'circle' comes from the traffic circle of the nearby intersection. We did our laundry at Circle Suds, and it only cost $3.25 for a wash and dry.

A lady customer who only spoke Spanish was doing her wash, and we had a nice conversation with her. First time using Spanish since we left Mexico last April.

4:30PM - Borrego Springs Nite Camp.
MsTioga and The Team did not feel that we should make our Nite Camp in what appears to be the center of town. So, we headed northeast and found a quiet place alongside a road. Actually, nearly everywhere out here is a quiet place.


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