Friday, November 30, 2007

7AM - November showers.
A few moments ago, rain began to fall on the desert. We on the TiogaRV Team love the rain which may in a few months bring the flowers that will cover the desert floor with gold, yellow and blue.

7:30 - Deep cycle battery info.
When Mr. Sunny bought his deep cycle batteries in April, 2003, we on The Team knew very little about batteries. We bought six batteries. They are Exide's Stowaway model and are 6 volt deep cycle. Our batteries will be five years old soon, and have served well. They are giving signs of needing replacement.

Our Exide Stowaway batteries were purchased from Sam's Club for $47.50 each. A very good price at that time. Now we are shopping for batteries again, and are in need of information to make our decision on what to buy.

We have been told that the Trojan model T105 is the best 6 volt deep cycle battery available. A Trojan T105 battery costs around $100. Sam's Club now sells an Exide Champion model deep cycle battery and it sells for $62. We have not been able to get a price on an Exide Stowaway model.

Doing research, we located an Exide factory distributor in Poway, California, about 66 miles from our Camp in Borrego Springs. We will be heading out for Poway this morning looking to collect valuable info in order to make comparisons of the best deep cycle battery for our Mr. Sunny.

1PM - Where's the Exide Company?
When we arrived in the City of Poway, we phoned Exide. Nobody answered the phone! We looked for Exide in the phone book. Couldn't find anything! Wow!

We did find a company in the phone book named American Battery Company, located in the nearby City of Escondido, and decided to go visit them.

2PM - American Battery Company.
American Battery is a large distributor of industrial batteries. American sells Trojan batteries, but recommends batteries from Crown Battery Manufacturing Company.

Some technical stuff:
Crown's Model CR-225 is rated at a Reserve Capacity [RC] of 115 minutes @ 75 amps.
Our present battery is the Exide Model E3600, and has an RC of 110 minutes @ 75 amps. In comparison, the Trojan T105 has RC of 115 minutes @ 75 amps, the same as the Crown.

American Battery gave us a price of $92.95/each for the Crown CR-225. Sam's Club in San Diego sells an Exide Champion deep cycle battery for $62/each.

Tomorrow we will go visit Sam's Club in order to determine the specification of their deep cycle battery. Wow! A lot of running around to buy Mr. Sunny's new batteries!

6PM - Escondidido Nite Camp.
We've made our Nite Camp in a quiet section of the City of Escondido. MsTioga's Camp is in back of a car dealer, and there are two other RVs camped on this street too.


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