Wednesday, November 07, 2007

7AM - Sun shines this morning!
We woke up and were sooooooo surprised to see the Sun shining thru MsTioga's windows. MsTioga turned herself around so that Mr. Sunny's solar panels would tilt toward the rising Sun.

Ms. GQ is working OK this morning. We hope very much that she will not be sick again as she was yesterday!

11AM - Laundry Camped.
We have made a Laundry Camp in the City of Paso Robles. MsTioga is very close to the laundry. When we make a Camp like this, consideration has to be made about Mr. Datastorm's position if we want to be online. Also, Mr. Levelers has to make MsTioga level, because we will be here for awhile. If MsTioga is not level, Mr. Dometic must be turned off to avoid cooling unit damage.
Laundry Camped in Paso Robles.

4:30PM - Bee Movie.
We went to see "Bee Movie" this afternoon. We loved "Bee Movie", maybe because we on The Team are really just kids at heart!

"Bee Movie" is the story of Barry Bee Benson, a cute little bee who talks to people. Instead of being an ordinary bee and doing the same job for his entire life, Barry goes out in the world to find his destiny. Barry has wonderful adventures.
Barry rides a tennis ball.

5PM - Supper Camp becomes Nite Camp.
We have made our Supper Camp, not too far away from the movie theater. There are train tracks nearby, so MsTioga is thinking that this place would be too noisy for sleeping.

After supper [wonderful chicken fajitas], we noticed that the loud trains seem to have to stopped running. So, we are staying here and making this place our Nite Camp.


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