Thursday, November 08, 2007

8AM - Honda generator.
It is a foggy morning in the City of Paso Robles. Ms. GQ is anxious to work on the "Yesterday/Tomorrow" project. So, we are using the tiny 1KW Honda generator. We love this little Honda. Just perfect to charge Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank.

Our "Yesterday/Tomorrow" project is coming along nicely. This morning we completed January, 2005. We have from February, 2005 to May, 2006 in order to complete this project!
MsTioga Morning Camped in foggy Paso Robles.

9AM - Airing MsTioga's tires.
We tested MsTioga's tires for air pressure, and found that two rear tires needed to be inflated a bit more.

MsTioga uses a small air compressor to do her tire inflating. This compressor uses 120 volt AC power. We like 120 volt AC power better than 12 volt DC, because an ordinary extension cord may be used to power the compressor.

This compressor may air up over 80 PSI. On occasion, the compressor has taken a completely flat tire and pressurized it.
MsTioga's air compressor.

11AM - Breakfast Camped in San Luis Obispo.
As MsTioga traveled south, the sky opened a bit and we were in the sunshine. However, we could see fog flowing over the distant coastal mountain range. As we crossed the mountains, the fog was very thick. Now in the City of San Luis Obispo, it is a very grey day.

We made a Breakfast Camp in San Luis Obispo, and prepared a wonderful breakfast!

12:30PM - Ramblin' Ralph.
Reader Ramblin' Ralph of Hog Time Music came by to say, "Hi!" We were introduced to Ramblin' Ralph's Hog Time website by his relative and Reader, BJ Diehl who lives in the State of Montana.
Ramblin' Ralph.

3PM - Afternoon Camp.
We have made an Afternoon Camp in San Luis Obispo near what we call Fat Bird Camp. When we made a Camp here in October, 2003, these cute fat birds came running by very close to MsTioga.
Fat birds are soooooo cute!

5PM - Nite Camped near Fat Bird site.
MsTioga has moved to her Nite Camp. We are close to Fat Bird site. There is a large fire station nearby. We feel good about this site, because there is a large vacant lot next to this Camp.


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